My name is Danielle & I am a photographer and mama

Photography was not always a part of my life until the year 2012 when my sister picked up her first camera and started her business. I was young and I wanted something to do with my time. I started shooting small sessions here and there, and guess what?

It became the most valuable thing I have ever done for myself. I fell deeply in love with telling stories with my camera. Photography wasn't all about taking pictures of people, it was creating art so those people in the photos could see what I saw with the vision I created. 

My story is no different than yours.

I became a first-time mama around the age of 19, I was a young girl who had no idea how to take care of myself, and here I was holding a baby who needed me. I was scared, but thankfully I had my mother to help me through the tough times and the ups and downs that came with motherhood. 

My baby is now 11 years old, my second is 8 and my little surprise baby is almost 12 months old. Did I say surprise? Yep, but he's the best little surprise we could ever get. I promise mama we are alike in many ways and that's why I want to tell your beautiful story.